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Name:Critical Role Kink Meme
Location:California, United States of America
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Welcome to the kink meme for Critical Role!

This community is open to all fans of Critical Role no matter what your preference for pairing may be. You do not have to join the community: you can either watch it or just track the post. Anon commenting will always be on, and IP tracking will be off. So feel free to stay anon if it makes you more comfortable.

What is a Kink Meme?
It's pretty simple. You post a prompt and your fellow fans get inspired and write fic based on that prompt. As it is a "kink" meme, a great deal of fic will be of the smutty variety, so if you aren't into that or not of a porn-reading age, this place won't be for you. Not all fic has to be porn, but that is generally the focus of a kink meme.

Please only post one prompt per comment so to avoid any confusion.

How do I prompt?
Post each prompt as a new comment to the main post. Include pairing (or threesome or more if that's your thing) and anything else you want to add. You should put, at the very least, the pairing in the subject line along with a specific kink if it applies. You can put the whole prompt in the subject if it will fit, but if it doesn't, use the comments. For example:

Subject line: Pike/Sarenrae, holy visitation

Body of comment: Pike gets a different kind of spiritual visitation one night.

I see a prompt I want to write! What now?
Go for it! You don't have to claim it, and fills can be written by more than one person. Once you've finished you must post it as a response to the original comment. Responses should use a subject line that includes the pairing, rating & any necessary warnings (i.e. incest, non-con, etc.). If you have titled your fic you can also include that. Also, as LJ limits the size of comments, if your fic goes into multiple comments, please note that your comment is part 1/5, part 2/5 and so on. Using the prompt above, the subject line could read:

"Holy Smitten, Pike/Sarenrae, NC-17, 1/5"

And now some rules...

  • Since we're all supposed to be adults here, let's act like it. Be respectful to your fellow posters.
  • Your kink is not someone else's and their kink may not be yours. If you don't like it, don't read it. It's really that simple.
  • Please no bashing of other pairings. Just like with kinks, everyone has their own flavors, and this is neither the time nor place for ship wars. This meme is meant to include the entire fandom.
  • Crossover prompts are allowed, but they must include a Critical Role character as a main part of the prompt.
  • RPF is also allowed, but please prompt it over here!
  • Het, slash, femmeslash? You're all welcome here. The more the merrier!
  • It's not a requirement by any means, but writers love feedback, so if you read something you enjoy, take a second to tell the writer. Whether it's a one word response or something longer, it's always appreciated.
  • Please follow basic kink meme etiquette by not linking the cast or crew to this meme.

While we want this to be a relaxed and cool place, we also don't want people to feel uncomfortable being here. If you have suggestions or comments on how this community can improve please address to them to [personal profile] criticalkink in a PM or drop a comment on this post.

The most important rule of all? HAVE FUN.
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