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[personal profile] aunt_zelda requested a post for projects that the cast are involved with other than Critical Role.

This post is for in character prompts.

Please state the name of the project (i.e. Signal Boost, Wednesday Club, Dread) in the subject line of your prompt.

All the general rules of the kink meme as listed in the profile still apply!

Kayden/Tanner - We made it! (We survived sex)

Date: 2017-06-30 05:45 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
They survived. They made it. Tanner is still weary and doesn't trust Kayden 100% not to have drugged them all, but they're alive and he needs something to hold onto. Kayden wants to prove that he didn't do anything, everything's fucked up, and Tanner is a soft place to land.

Nothing non-con, no bathroom play, please!

((Thank you for giving me the chance to prompt this, I've been holding onto this ever since table top day.))
From: (Anonymous)
Oh, sorry! Its for Dread/Sagas of Sundry.
From: (Anonymous)
very much seconded!!!!!
From: (Anonymous)
Oh please I have been shipping them since I saw the ITTD piece!
From: (Anonymous)
(Same anon as above)
No you know what. I wanna write this and I will. But my constant need for representation and the fact that I HC Tanner as a trans dude might come in would OP be ok with that?
From: (Anonymous)
I'm not the OP, but oh my god, I would love you forever if you wrote Tanner as a trans guy. Maybe I'm biased because I'm a trans dude myself, but still! I would give my life to see this written!!
From: (Anonymous)
No need for your life man, I have exatly the same bias if you catch my drift.
I'll definitely sit down to write it this afternoon. (I'm in Europe so no idea what time it'll be for you)
From: (Anonymous)
So this is the anon who flip flopped a little above. This is me making it up to you.

Rivals/Friends to Lovers, Trans Character (FtM Tanner), Dysphoria mention, Praising (briefly), Smut and Fluff)


In the middle of the night, five teenagers climbed a fence close to a sign declaring the area government property and off limits. They each jumped down, one helping the other and ran for their lives.

Over the course of the night, Darby and Raina split off. Raina insisted on taking Darby home to hers. Not only to make sure everything was alright, but also because there had been barely any time between them where they hadn't been scared for their lives.
Sat was next. Tanner and Kayden walked her to her front door, not wanting to risk losing sight of her until she was safe inside.
The two boys looked at each other.
"So. You wanna go home?", Kayden asked.
Tanner cleared his throat.
"If I'm completely honest... No. I don't want to."
Kayden gave him a long look and then nodded.
"Alright. You can crash at mine."

Half an hour later both of them were sitting on Kayden's bed. Kayden had a very small one-room apartment, not unlike the student places Tanner had been looking at. It was cozy, though, if a little too goth for his tastes. Black curtains and tulle covered the wall and ceiling, compromising for the landlord not allowing any permanent redecoration. There was a fake skull, drawings of ravens and an impressive collection of goth jewelry.
It was very different from an upper middle class home with art pieces and furniture in peak condition.
Tanner felt oddly at home.

Kayden fixed them drinks. Which meant he opened a new bottle of southern comfort and offered Tanner a mug filled to the brim. Tanner took it. After all he had been through, getting drunk in a shitty goth room seemed oddly comforting.
They sat in silence for a moment, Kayden leaning into Tanner, his spikey hair poking the tall ginger's cheek. But he didn't say anything. It felt... nice having someone close by. After escaping death narrowly multiple times and dragging each other out of harm's reach-
"You didn't have to save my ass out there, you know."
Tanner swallowed, feeling like his thoughts had been exposed. He dropped his gaze to Kayden's burnt leather jacket sleeves and the harmed skin underneath.
"We should really get a doctor to look at that..."
"Not tonight", Kayden declared, refilling his and Tanners mug. "Tonight I want to celebrate survival. Being alive. Not being eaten by a goat monster!"
He looked at Tanner and when their eyes met, Tanner didn't quite know what to say. There was a glint of... something in Kayden's eyes and he couldn't place it.
"I'd like some reaffirmation of being alive...", Kayden continued, closing into Tanner's personal space.
Tanner scoffed.
"If it's about what I think it is, I am not doing drugs with you!"
"Oh no. That's not at all what I was thinking. Besides, Sat and I had everything I had on me. Even if you believe I used the rest on you guys." Kayden was smirking again - that bastard - and he leaned in closer.
"I was thinking of celebrating out not-death with a "little death". If you pardon my French."
Tanner lifted his eyebrows as Kayden's fingers toyed with the top button of his plaid shirt. He was geeky enough to catch the innuendo and even if not, Kayden's touch was making things pretty obvious.
When no protest followed, Kayden undid the button with a flick of his wrist. Tanner sucked in a breath, but he leaned back and allowed Kayden to undo the rest of his buttons. The shirt slipped off of his shoulders, revealing the tight undershirt underneath and Tanner pulled his arms up and out of the sleeves slowly.
Their eyes met again and Tanner was surprised to see some softness mingled with the excitement in Kayden's gaze. He cleared his throat.
"But I thought... You and Sat..."
Kayden smirked at him.
"Sat and I do have... fun sometimes. But we're not an item. And she knows I like some variety."
"You're bisexual", Tanner guessed. Kayden's hands came up to thread through his hair. He couldn't help but hum in comfort as thick fingers started to scratch his scalp.
"That's the term. What about you? You don't seem averse to this?"
Tanner slowly opened his eyes he didn't remember closing.
"I'm... not sure. I rarely find anyone that interesting."
"Oh I feel flattered."
"You're a fucking pain, Kayden!"
"Yeah man that's what I'm going for."
Tanner scoffed but allowed his arms to wrap around Kayden's thick middle as he was pulled in. Their lips met with a lot more heat their casual conversation had betrayed and Tanner couldn't help but moan as Kayden's tongue flicked against his bottom lip. They started to clutch at each other as the kiss grew more heated, allowing the adrenaline of survival to take over. Tanner poked his fingers twice on the rivets of Kayden's jacket before he pulled back, tapped the offending item and started to push it off of Kayden's shoulders. The studded wristbands followed and Kayden, down to his T-shirt reached for Tanner's undershirt, only to have his hands slapped away.
He was about to protest when long, pale and freckly arms reached down to undo his jeans and some of the slim fingers slipped under his waistband.
"Holy shit dude I didn't think you'd be so eager-FUCK!"
Kayden bit off his gasp by digging his teeth into Tanner. Right in the shoulder. He considered it fair after having his dick grabbed by these deliciously long and nimble fingers. Tanner didn't chastise him, instead he groaned softly and grabbed the back of Kayden's head. His fingers tugged on the spikey black hair as his other hand started to jerk off Kayden.
The other young man twitched and then moved to sit in Tanner's lap. Tanner leaned back a little, tugging Kayden free of his jeans and underpants.
Kayden was already pretty hard and Tanner couldn't help but grin as he teased the goth's cockhead and saw the usual smirk dissapear in a moan.
"How's that for a celebration", he growled in his ear and Kayden actually shuddered.
"Oh you're a bastard.. I like you."
Kayden's grin returned and he mouthed at Tanner's neck. He made sure he dragged the pale skin between his teeth, leaving red marks all over him. Tanner didn't seem to mind, although he gave a particularly harsh tug when Kayden bit too hard.
"Freaking hell, alright that's enough!"
Kayden suddenly found himself shoved off of Tanner's lap and landed on his back. Before he could complain Tanner had followed and tugged his pants lower. As the ginger's head dropped, the long hair fell like a curtain in front of his face which was a shame because Kayden would have loved the view of Tanner sucking his dick in his mouth for the first time.
Kayden keened and thrust a hand in Tanner's hair, tugging encouragingly on the strands and getting rewarded with a groan that went straight through his dick.
"Ffffffffffuck that's the stuff." He pushed Tanner's head down and was surprised the man yielded without protest. The depths of Tanners hot, wet mouth was almost too much.
"Watch your glasses man, would hate to jizz all over them."
Tanner flipped him off without looking up, the other hand pressing against the underside of Kayden's balls.
That did the trick and Kayden could barely warn Tanner with a groan and a tug before he blew his load into the other's mouth.
He gasped, trying to give Tanner an encouraging scratch against his scalp, but the rush of adrenaline, the exhaustion of the night and the sudden orgasm made him shudder and drop back on the bed.
He saw through the haze of the afterglow how Tanner sat bag, dug a handkerchief out of his back pocket and spit in it. Kayden managed the weak lift of an eyebrow and Tanner just smirked.
"Okay. That... that was pretty good." He lifted a finger.
"Give me a moment I'll make it up to you once I remember how to breathe."
Tanner flopped down next to him on the cramped queen size bed.
"It's fine. I don't need anything."
Kayden made a move to roll over Tanner but he was stopped by a hand against his chest.
"No, really."
He was stopped by the seriousness in Tanner's voice.
"Please don't."
Kayden frowned as he backed off and sat up.
"Did I do something wrong? Hey man I'm sorry if the hair pulling or the biting wasn't cool. And I tried to warn you I was about to jizz in your mouth I just-"
"Kayden. It's not that."
Tanner slowly sat up. They were closer now, but still not touching. Kayden suddenly felt very self-conscious.
Tanner took off his glasses and placed them aside. His head was down, looking at a loose strand in Kayden's bedsheets.
"I just don't want you to be put off. I would not exactly be what you expect."
Kayden frowned. "What the hell, man. You got two dicks? Fur? A tail? What?"
Tanner glared at him and grabbed his glasses, thrust them back on and swung his legs off of Kayden's bed.
"Forget it. I should go home."
"Hey what- no hang on- TANNER WAIT!"
Kayden scrambled towards the edge of the bed and nearly slammed face first into the ground as he reached for Tanner and missed his wrist.
Tanner turned and Kayden could see the worry and anger in his face as the tall ginger wrapped his arms around himself protectively.
"I know you like men and women, but I had a bad experience with someone expecting one and getting the other."
Kayden's brain was trying to get through the post-coital haze and unravel what Tanner was saying.
"Wait. You think you having different bits would really freak me out?"
"You gave me shit for less, Kayden!"
"Yeah but that shit didn't matter!"
"It matters to me!"
"Yeah but this- this is different!"
"Oh yeah?! How so?"
"Because-! B-BECAUSE..."
Kayden was at loss for words. That rarely happened. Shit.
He got up and raked a hand through his hair. The other one was reaching out towards Tanner and his heart jumped in his throat as Tanner's clutched hand on his side relaxed and slowly reached over to take it.
"Listen man. You're who you are and frankly, I really like these talks even if we just give each other shit. And all I wanted tonight was fuck your brains out because we just survived hell. Literally."
He looked down at their clasped hands and Tanner glanced at Kayden's burns again.
"I just thought you need this. And fuck, that talk earlier? That was bullshit. You know I talk bullshit all the time. I really want you, whatever parts. But if you feel bad about it we don't have to, okay?"
Tanner sucked in a shuddering breath.
"I want to. I just don't know ... what I want."
"Well...", Kayden grinned again. "We can figure that out!"
With that, he yanked Tanner in again and gave him a kiss that instantly brought back the heat from earlier. Tanner groaned as Kayden's tongue dove into his mouth, trying to taste himself from earlier. Kayden's hands were at his hips, tapping the tight shirt, one finger slipping underneath, asking permission.
Tanner backed off and started to pull it up. Kayden realized that the shirt was this tight for a reason. Once he had helped Tanner to wrench it off of his body he glanced and the taller man's chest in front of him.
Indeed, Tanner did have breasts. And he didn't seem too comfortable with it. Time to even the scales.
Kayden tore his t-shirt off. He had always been a little chubby and honestly, if Tanner hadn't been so skinny, their body wouldn't really look that different.
"So", Kayden found his voice a little shaky. "What do you want me to do?"
Tanner cleared his throat and raked a hand through his hair.
"I dunno. Fuck- just... touch me?"
"As you wish."
If Tanner really cursed, things were serious. Kayden slipped his arms around the slim waist, letting his nails drag up Tanner's spine. Tanner shuddered and yanked Kayden into another kiss, taking over the initiative and clutching at the other's frame.
Kayden gave an encouraging moan as his hands explored Tanner's belly and slowly wandered upwards. He flicked a nipple experimentally and felt Tanner gasp into his mouth.
Tanner nodded, eyes screwed shut and forehead sweaty.
The answer was barely a breath, but Kayden could feel it against his lips.
He pinched Tanner's right nipple and dove down to suck the other one into his mouth. Tanner flinched and held onto Kayden's shoulders, grinding his hips against Kayden's leg.
Teasing Tanner's chest seemed to have an effect. Kayden slowly managed to lead the other back to the bed. As Tanner sunk down on the matress and Kayden climbed over him, their eyes met again.
"So." Kayden carefully removed Tanner's glasses and looked down at him with surprising softness. "What do you want me to do?"
Tanner gulped and softly ran his hands up and down Kayden's arms while he seemed to think.
"I really don't... want anything. Well. In me. If you get what I mean."
"No penetration. Got it. I can do that."
Kayden had leaned in to drop kisses over Tanner's collarbone, his shoulder, up his neck until he was nibbling at his earlobe.
Tanner sighed and held onto Kayden.
"Anything else?"
He felt a head shake against his shoulder and then Tanner buried his face into Kayden's neck.
"Actually... I... I have never..."
Kayden backed off.
"You can't tell me that shit. You suck dick like a champ, man."
Tanner was actually blushing and dodging Kayden's glance.
"I have... done stuff. But I didn't have anything ... well, done to me."
"Shit man. THAT is fucked up."
Kayden ran a hand through Tanner's hair and climbed on his lap again to look at him properly.
"Listen. I'm gonna give you the best fucking blowjob I ever gave. You want me to touch your dick? Suck you off?"
Tanner gasped and nodded, eyes glued to Kayden's face. There was a second of silence before they grinned at each other. A giggle of excitement hung in the air between them.
Kayden swung his legs off of Tanner and backed off enough to settle between those long legs.
"If I do anything you don't want just smack me."
Tanner grinned a little.
"I don't need that instruction..."
"Just saying."
Kayden stuck out his tongue at him before undoing the button of Tanner's jeans.
Untangling those long lanky legs from a pair of jeans that had been slept in and dragged through the woods wasn't easy and Kayden was at least half embarrassed that he got sweaty through the ordeal. When he tugged on Tanner's boxers, he realized that the other was wearing two pairs of underwear.
The crotch area of the boxers was stuffed with what looked like a roll made from a pair of socks, which were pinned to the inner pair of underpants.
"Crafty", Kayden commented.
As Tanner seemed to close off again, Kayden leaned in and let his fingers slip in the outer pair of underpants.
"Can you feel this?" He growled as he palmed the bulge and pressed it hard against Tanner's crotch. The man under him gasped and bucked against Kayden's hand.
"I take that as a yes..."
Kayden smirked as he started to drag his fingers up and down the bulge, giving enough pressure to affect Tanner underneath.
Any other day Kayden would have gloated at making Tanner whimper his name but right now, it was the hottest thing he could imagine.
"Fucking fuck, Tanner... I'm gonna find a way for you to plow me one day and if it's the last thing I ever do."
Tanner shuddered and dug his fingernails in Kayden's back. His mouth found Kayden's neck and the dark haired youth was delighted as he felt bruises sucked into his skin.
From: (Anonymous)

"Yesss, just like that."
He buried his free hand in Tanner's thick hair and gave a tug. He felt the groan against his neck and teeth scrape against his jugular.
"I think I like aggressive Tanner..."
His fingers pulled back and dove into the second pair of underwear. His hand pushed down, all the way until he could drag his fingers over Tanner's folds.
Instantly, his hand was covered in slick and he dragged up his moist fingers again, searching, until-
Tanner lurched underneath him and a loud keen was smothered as Tanner bit into Kayden's neck again.
"There we go. Just enjoy it man, you have a nice dick, nothing to be ashamed off."
Tanner whined, grinding against Kayden's rubbing fingers.
They rutted together for a while, Tanner breathing hot against Kayden's bruised neck while Kayden slowly started to grind against his hand in Tanner's pants, feeling himself grow hard again.
But he wasn't quite done with Tanner yet, so reluctantly, he pulled his hand away and backed off.
Tanner growled but Kayden reached out and placed a slick finger on the ginger's lips.
"I promised you a BJ, didn't I? I intend to keep my promises."
Tanner's face was flushed and his eyes hazy but Kayden could swear he saw a glint in them as the taller man leaned back and wiggled out of both pairs of underwear at the same time.
Kayden used the time to kick off his own pants and underwear completely.
Then he crawled over, placed his hands on Tanner's knees and slowly spread the man's thighs.
He let out a breathy laugh as he leaned in.
"To think twenty-four hours ago we thought we were going to end up dead and buried in the woods. This is much nicer."
If Tanner had a reply, it was swallowed by the moan as Kayden gave a quick lick against Tanner's member.
Sure, it was a little smaller than the dick's Kayden was used to, but the reddish tip, the swollen spot pushing out from underneath skin was pretty much like teasing any guys cockhead and watching Tanner's reactions, Kayden's usual technique worked on him just as well.
Tanner's fingers twisted Kayden's spiky mowhawk around the slender fingers and tugged as Tanner was grinding against his face.
Kayden hummed appreciatively as he grabbed Tanner's ass hard enough to push fingertip bruises into the pale skin. He sucked Tanner into his mouth and was rewarded with his name being moaned with a devotion he had rarely heard from his friend.
When Tanner came, he almost sobbed, pulling sharply on Kayden's hair and grinding down over and over until his back pushed through, almost lifting off of the matress - only to twitch once more and then sink boneless back onto the bed.
Kayden groaned as he grabbed his own erection, needing only a few tugs and the image of Tanner's sweaty face, trying to come back to earth, looking deliciously mussed with red bruises dotting his neck and chest and shoulders. He shuddered and gave the inside of Tanner's thigh an almost loving kiss as he spilled into his own hand.
They took a while calming down. Laying next to each other, the two young men gasped for breath, reaching for each other and caressing backs and hipbones and shoulders. They cleaned themselves up as well as they could, before Kayden kicked their clothes off of the bed and pulled the covers over them.
Tanner blinked confused as he was pulled against the other man's body.
"Don't give me that look. Do you really think I'm that much of a shithead to send you off now? Nah I want you to stay here."
Tanner rolled his eyes but wrapped his arms around Kayden. It felt almost protectively.
"Fine. My parent's aren't expecting me back for a few days anyway..."
Kayden felt the questions bubble up and settle on his tongue. What were Tanner's parents saying about his life? Was there a split coming up? Would it be as bad as with Kayden and his parents?
He swallowed them down. He didn't need to know.
He had wondered about Tanner's home life ever since the other had introduced himself. Using his last name and that only. Sat and Kayden had exchanged looks, both of them sharing the fate of terrible given names and having switched to something more fitting a long time ago. But he wasn't going to pry. Tanner was Tanner. He was the weird nerd with the slightly long ginger hair and the very nice freckles and his obsession of photography and his tendency to be the sensible party pooper who would throw himself into danger to drag Kayden away from a terrible goat demon thing.
Also Tanner was in his bed. And both fuckable and a pretty good big spoon. Kayden would deal with everything else when the memory of barely surviving was less fresh in his mind.
He twisted in Tanner's arms, tangled his fingers in his hair and pulled him into a deep, deep kiss. Tanner was a little slower with his response, but hummed as he held onto Kayden's shoulders.
"A few days...", he mused as they separated. "Plenty of time to celebrate, then."
Tanner shook his head with a grin.
"You're terrible."
"You're welcome."


I write smut so rarely (actually just for this meme tbh) but I am a big fan of non-fetishizing trans positive smut and I am glad having been able to write a little here :D
Comments and input is much appreciated~
From: (Anonymous)
Comment: gaaaah fuck I can't think now
Input: gaaaah fuck I can't think now

tl;dr BUNK
From: (Anonymous)
(Author Anon)

That is a pretty good comment :D
From: (Anonymous)
OP here, the addition of Tanner being trans is so good because even though I didn't state it I HC it too. I'm NB and was a bit nervous about asking for it and then it just HAPPENED. Auuuklsdfjk;asjf;dsjf thank you author anon. hot and sweet and delicious.
From: (Anonymous)
(Author Anon)

I am so happy you have the same headcanon this is the best coincidence EVER. I am happy you liked it yaaay!
From: (Anonymous)
WHOA this was great! Hot, sweet, great banter between them, great handling of an insecure trans teen.

From: (Anonymous)
(Author Anon)

Thank you very much! I love the canon banter between Kayden and Tanner and I tried my best to carry it over. And as for the handling the insecurity, life is the best reference for that but I figured Tanner has a few insecurities being not quite enough of an outsider for the group but feeling definitely out of sorts.
Poor bab I love him.
From: (Anonymous)
Also trans guy here, thank you so much for this!
I loved it a lot, and I'm pretty sure it's impossible for Taliesin to get any hotter. (..yeah, Kayden, but I can't imagine him being anyone else other than Taliesin)

Thank you, I really hope to reed more from you!

Mythica 3 - Szorlok/Marek noncon

Date: 2017-07-03 08:35 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Specifically as part of their confrontation in Mythica 3, Szorlok uses his powers to take advantage of Marek and "humbles" her.

(Yep, going to hell for those one. Shockingly okay with that.)

Dread, Kayden/Tanner, inexperienced D/s

Date: 2017-07-13 02:53 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
hey so, episode 3 of Dread sure is a thing that happened

anything with Tanner and Kayden working out their issues through sex, and the both of them not really knowing what healthy bdsm is supposed to look like- Tanner being rough with Kayden because he has no idea how to deal with his feelings and Kayden taking it because he thinks he deserves it

Re: Dread, Kayden/Tanner, inexperienced D/s

Date: 2017-07-23 07:39 am (UTC)
notalwaysweak: Rainbow rose with words 'love as thou wilt' below in white lettering (Default)
From: [personal profile] notalwaysweak
So this doesn't 100% fit this prompt because it also riffs off this comment, but I thought I would link you anyway in case it scratches an itch.

Put on the Red Light on AO3.

Dread, Kayden/Tanner, Kayden riding Tanner

Date: 2017-07-31 03:26 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Title speaks for itself. Dubcon ok, non-con is not.
From: (Anonymous)
Darby's ritual works and brings Tanner back, but he comes back wrong (author's choice as to whether that means catatonia, zombie, or something else).

Sat or Kayden (or both) takes advantage of this second chance with Tanner even though it's not quite the same Tanner they lost.
From: (Anonymous)
I binge-watched this weekend and came out NEEDING some Kayden/Tanner/Sat, so I might take a stab at this!
From: (Anonymous)
(Soooo there may eventually be more of this, digging into exactly what's up with Tanner and probably involving sex as an ill-considered coping mechanism/avoidance tactic because oh Kayden no, but here's the first part. Also, for the record, I imagine them all looking more like appropriately-aged versions of their looks from the Alpha show than the character portraits they originally had for the ITTD game.)

Kayden sits for what feels like forever with his arms locked around Sat's waist and her hands gripping his wrists, Raina and Darby holding each other just as tight a few feet away. It's eerily quiet now, no sound but the wind whistling over the mesa--and so they all hear, very clearly, when footsteps approach from back the way they came. Back toward the house.

All four of them stumble to their feet, grabbing for weapons, rocks, anything, and then all four of them freeze as a lanky figure in bloodstained jeans and flannel comes into view, head bowed.

Sat's the first of the group to break their silence, her voice very small and full of desperate hope. "...Tanner?"

The figure's head lifts, and blue eyes behind glasses blink uncomprehendingly for a few moments before recognition dawns and a voice devoid of any emotion says, "...Sat."

Sat makes a wounded noise and lurches forward, but Kayden grabs her by the shoulders and yanks her back against his chest. "Prove it's really you," he says, and when Tanner just looks at him he snarls, "Fuckin' do it."

There's a long pause, during which Kayden has time to consider just how apeshit he's going to go if this is some fucking thing wearing Tanner's face--and then Tanner pushes up his sleeve to reveal the 1 he carved into his arm.

Sat wrenches herself out of Kayden's grip and almost knocks Tanner to the ground as she collides with him. Raina's right behind her, then Darby, and Kayden mutters "Fuck it" and throws himself into the pile.

Tanner's skin is cold, and his arms hang limp at his sides while the others hug him like their lives depend on it. He glances around, still blinking owlishly, and says in that same flat voice, "...What. What happened?"

"It worked," Sat murmurs into his chest, arms locked around his neck. "It worked. We saved you."


They make it back down the mountain, back to the van, and to the first motel they find. Raina, who's comparatively the least covered in blood and filth, gets them two rooms, and she and Darby head into one. In the other, no one fights Kayden for the first shower--he's still wearing enough of Simon for it to be really, really gross.

Sat goes next, and over the sound of the running water Tanner looks at Kayden. They haven't put the overhead light on, just one of the bedside lamps, and the low light makes Tanner's eyes look shadowed and eerie as he asks in a calm, quiet voice, "So what did you guys do?"

Kayden takes a slow breath and runs his hands over his scalp, smoothing his wet hair into a column--he doesn't have anything to spike it back up with, so that's going to have to do for now--and tells him. Tanner listens with no discernable emotion on his face, no reaction to anything. When Sat comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, Tanner stands and drifts in that direction as if on autopilot.

Sat sits on the edge of the bed and looks at Kayden, twisting one corner of the towel in her hands. "Do, you think he's okay?"

Kayden lets out an incredulous laugh. "Do you think any of us are gonna be okay ever again?"

Sat sighs and puts her face in her hands for a second, then looks back up at him. "But, like--I don't know, maybe this is just me being too fucked up to accept it when I get the one thing I wanted most. But is it just me, or is there something...not right about him?"

Kayden flops backwards on the bed, his head landing near Sat's hip. "Sat...he got fucking ripped apart and then somehow put back together again by some weird fucking magic ritual. What's the right way for someone who went through that to be?"

Sat lets out another sigh and reaches down, stroking his hair and cupping the side of his face. "I don't know. Maybe he'll be okay, I don't know."

Kayden turns his head and rubs his face against her palm, muttering into it, "'M sorry."

Sat strokes his cheek. "You already apologized to me."

"I've got a lot to apologize for."

Sat bends down and kisses him. She has to twist at an awkward angle to do it, and her towel falls open. Kayden reaches out and finds warm, bare skin, his fingers sliding up the curve of her waist. It's their first kiss in months, and Kayden gets so lost in how good it feels that he almost doesn't hear the shower turning off and the bathroom door opening.

Sat breaks the kiss and sits up, towel pooling in her lap, and Kayden turns his head to see Tanner standing with a towel around his waist, backlit by the fluorescent bathroom light. Aside from the mark on his arm, there isn't a scratch or a bruise anywhere on him, and Kayden isn't sure why that's so unsettling.

He realizes he's staring, at Tanner's chest and shoulders and the way the towel hangs off his narrow hips--and realizes Tanner is staring at them, too, at the slope of Sat's breasts and the way her nipples are starting to tighten in the room's frigid air-conditioning, at the way Kayden's own towel is rucked up around his thighs and basically not concealing anything anymore.

They both look at Tanner, and he just keeps looking at them, and then Sat holds out her hand and says in a pretty convincingly confident voice, "This is dumb, come here."

Tanner comes closer and takes her hand, lets Kayden snag hold of his other wrist, lets them pull him onto the bed as they shift to accommodate him, all three towels pushed and kicked into a damp heap on the floor.

"You're still cold," Sat murmurs, and he is, not as much as when they hugged him on the mesa, but still too cold for someone who just came out of a steam-filled bathroom.

"I was even cold in the shower," Tanner mumbles, pressing himself against her as if to leach some warmth. "Maybe I'm just always gonna be cold now."

From the look on Sat's face, Kayden can tell she's taking that as a challenge. "Lemme see if I can do something about that," she says as she leans in.

As Kayden watches them kiss, he slides his hand up from Tanner's soft, pale stomach to his chest, telling himself he's not checking to make sure there's actually a heartbeat there (there is). He watches Sat coax Tanner's mouth open, watches her steer him gently down onto his back, and when she pulls away and gives Kayden a well? look, he leans down to take her place.

He's kissed Tanner before--once on a dare when they were too young and dumb for either of them to be any good at it, and once when Kayden and Sat convinced Tanner to get high with them and they ended up fooling around a little (strictly above-the-waist, because Kayden might be a dick but he's not that much of a dick). This is different, not just because they're older or because of the coolness of Tanner's skin. Kayden reaches around to grab a fistful of Tanner's hair and dives into the kiss, at the same time arching his back as Sat's hand runs down his spine.

Tanner's quiet and pliant under them, but he kisses back eagerly and thrusts into Kayden's hand when Kayden reaches down between them, his breath coming in quick, sharp pants and then one quiet moan as he comes.

Kayden gets Sat off, too, quick and rough with his fingers, promising himself that next time he'll take it slow and make it better for both of them. Right now he just needs to keep his hands on them, because as long as he's touching them he knows they're safe. His own orgasm, rutting against Tanner's thigh with Sat's hand curled around the back of his neck, is almost an afterthought, as is kicking the coverlet down until he can grab it and pull it over the three of them as they lie in a tangled heap.

When Kayden wakes up, it's early enough to be getting light outside--too fucking early to be contemplating getting out of this bed and facing reality. Tanner's sitting on the edge of the bed with his back to Kayden, still naked.

Kayden pushes up on his elbow, rubbing his eyes blearily. "Hey."

Tanner doesn't say anything for long enough that Kayden's starting to wonder if he heard him. Then he says in a low voice, "I died."

It's the first time since he came back that any of them have actually said it out loud. Kayden rubs the back of his neck. "Yeah."

"I was dead. And now I'm here."

"Yeah, it's fuckin' weird." Kayden kicks his way out from under the covers and moves to where he can see Tanner's face. "...Do you remember what it felt like?"

Tanner looks at him, then looks away. "No."

The thing about Tanner is he can't lie for shit. The thing about Kayden is he doesn't think he actually wants an honest answer to that question.

He prods Tanner's hip with his foot. "Get your dumb ass back in bed, it's too early for spooky shit."

He thinks he actually sees the ghost of a smile on Tanner's face as they crawl back under the covers, both of them curling around Sat's still-sleeping form.
From: (Anonymous)
I love this. More, please.
From: (Anonymous)
Prefer pre-ITTD because I would love it if everyone's on board and not paranoid about Kayden slipping them something else (looking at you Tanner).

The five of them try E together and fun sexytimes ensue. Lots of sharing, taking turns, teasing.

If it happens to be someone's first time and the other four all give them the most amazing possible experience ever I would probably die, but I'm also down with everyone having some degree of knowledge and, well, filling in each other's gaps with hands-on teaching.
From: (Anonymous)
Inspired by that part of the ITTD game where there's some very meta riffing on "that dumb game with the dragons" and Raina actually being into it, and the fact that I really want some joy for my dumb horror kids.

So, pre-camping trip of doom (or after, in an AU where the group didn't splinter quite so badly), Raina talks them into a D&D game. Possibly the others aren't feeling it at first but get into it. Possibly Kayden only agrees to play because he thinks it's actually a game about worshipping Satan and then spends the night complaining he was lured here under false pretenses. Whatever ships or gen, just let them have some fun.


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