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This post is for comments regarding how this journal is run, not for kink prompts! Please feel free to comment on or off anon, and know that IP tracking is disabled.

Please follow basic kink meme etiquette by not linking the cast or crew to this meme.
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So with the Tumblr "safe mode" thing, criticalkink is listed as NSFW, so you do need to be logged in and have safe mode turned off to see it. Is that going to be an issue for anyone here or does anyone know anyone for whom it would be an issue? My kneejerk workaround is unlisting it as NSFW, but then we get people from the "kink critical" tag complaining, and they're likely to try to get the Tumblr shut down considering how much at least one of them overreacted previously.

All posts on there originate here anyway, and DW certainly doesn't hide things from people (thanks, DW!), but if not being able to access the Tumblr is in any way an issue for anyone, let's talk it through and see if we can find a solution.
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[personal profile] afullmargin has requested "maybe not RP itself on the meme but a thread where people looking for kinky text RP can post up what they're looking for and make a connection?"

I couldn't put it better than she did, so here is said post.
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Let's give each other some love!

How it's done:

Leave a logged in comment, so people have somewhere to give you some love and you get notifications for it.

Post anon love to other people's comments! Anon commenting is on, IP logging is off.

If the person you want to leave love for hasn't left a comment, feel free to start a thread with their name!

DON'T BE A DICK. Anon hate will be deleted. If it becomes an issue, IP logging will be turned on and I will kick some asses.


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